Friday, 14 December 2007

Reuters deal with International Herald Tribune & FT

Just in case anyone thought that the International Herald Tribune/Reuters deal is in anyway exclusive, it is not, at least according to The Guardian.

Katie Allen, The Guardian's media business correspondent reported yesterday that Reuters have also made a deal with the IHT's arch rival, The Financial Times, to provide video for

"Gary Williams, head of media sales at Reuters, said the video news partnerships demonstrated the agency's and's "commitment to providing the most powerful readership with the most powerful information".

So as the IHT drops its deal with Reuters' arch-rival Bloomberg, Reuters repays the favour with a deal with the IHT's arch rival the FT.

(They often say they are not competitors - that's B.S btw.)

So who exactly, according to Reuters, does have the most powerful readership?

It would seem Reuters are hedging their bets.

Confusing isn't it?

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