Sunday, 9 December 2007

Watching the Watch Watchers

For many years I never owned a watch. Now I do, a Casio G-Shock. Robust, functionality I need.

So I was surprised to find myself reading a special report in Saturday's International Herald Tribune on Watches which was of course there because the advertising department were sure to deliver - and indeed did so - pages of expensive colour advertising from watch makers.

It focused on small, independent watchmakers, was absolutely fascinating and I found myself, I think for the first time, reading one of these advertising led special reports.

I found this blog from a watch-lover, Harry Tan, who was interviewed for the special report by -who he described as - an IHT journalist, Ms Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop.

As far as I can tell Ms. Sonia is in fact either a freelancer or staffer for Newsweek, is based out of Singapore (as is Mr. Tan) and was commissioned to write for the special report.

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