Wednesday, 12 December 2007

International Herald Tribune vs. Kiwi Papers

There was an interesting article in yesterdays International Herald Tribune on the decision by the WTO to rule on whether Australia's 86-year ban on imports of New Zealand apples is legal under international commerce law. (WTO to take up New Zealand-Australia apple dispute; December 11, 2007)

What was striking for Kiwi readers of the International Herald Tribune, at least at The Hive ('This blog is dedicated to the monitoring of latest developments in Central, Regional and Local politics from its base in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington. The blog is run by a team with unique insights into latest developments. The Hive is not politically aligned, but does support policy that is best for the growth of business and the economy.') was that the IHT's coverage of this important issue got better play in the IHT than most New Zealand newspapers.

The IHT isn't yet printed in Wellington or Auckland - perhaps the moment is ripe.

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