Monday, 21 January 2008

Carlos isn't happy with the International Herald Tribune

Oh, what happy memories of a distant past: invited to come to the International Herald Tribune's Paris HQ and become their subscriptions manager.

The memories were brought back by an email to which I will reprint below, some of his private info excluded, but enough for the very efficient subs team to sort out...if they are reading this of course.

Dear Sir:

I live in Switzerland part of the year, and in theUS the rest of the time. Beginning of July 2007, I began a four month IHTsubscription to my address in Brig, Switzerland(K.XXXstr.3).
I extended it for another month inOctober -- to end app Nov.23, 2007 -- the date of my return to the US. I prepaid both of the sesubscriptions, with no commitment beyond November.

I have now received word from my neighbors of apile of IHTs overflowing my mailbox in Brig.

I would appreciate it if you would turn off the IHT spigot, and check your records.

I hope you get this right, because undue hasslecould well discourage me from taking another 5 month subscription in 2008!
Yours truly,
Carlos E. Kruytbosch
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -- George Santayana

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