Friday, 25 January 2008

Murdoch: won't go all free (AP)

AP - Rupert Murdoch said Thursday that The Wall Street Journal will continue to charge a fee for full access to its Web site, and indicated that those charges may go up.

Dow Jones & Co has begun opening access to some previously paid-for items just weeks after the $5.6 billion buyout by News Corp. But Murdoch told a panel at the World Economic Forum annual meeting that there would still be limits.
“We’re sort of dividing it up. Those things that you can get more or less as a commodity on different sites about finance, that will certainly be free at the Wall Street Journal,” he said.
“The really specialised (material) giving the greatest insights, that will still be a subscription service.”

Some people are accusing him of 'chickening out', but this is what his tabloids would have described Thatcher's changes of direction as an unforgiveable U-turn.

Millions of postings on this topic but I rather liked this one:

Old news execs haven't fully got their head around the fact that you can have the greatest quality content on the web, but if you have to pay for, younger people simply WILL NOT DO IT.

All newspaper execs should be oblighed to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon in the rank bedroom of a 11-18 yr old person, watching them rip, burn, steal, rape and pillage everything from movies to music without any moral hesitation, and then come back to the board room on Monday and re-present their ideas on paid content.

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