Monday, 21 January 2008

The International Herald Tribune in Japan

An interesting review of English-language press in Japan, can be found at
Japan Navigator
Japanese business, culture and travel by Ad Blankestijn.

The IHT comes in second place to The Japan Times, for reasons the IHT might want to reflect on given how the first place is given to a newspaper the reviewer finds 'stale' and very untimely.

Perhaps most telling however is his concluding remarks:

Although I occasionally buy one of the above newspapers, I am not a subscriber to any of them. There is a much better source of news on Japan than what you get on “dead trees:” the internet, made accessible by that fantastic service News on Japan. This website contains daily updated links to major (and sometimes obscure, and therefore all the more interesting) news stories, not only in the above-mentioned English press in Japan, but also to a wide variety of news sources elsewhere. Instead of opening a newspaper every morning, I log on to this site and click on the articles that seem interesting. The only thing I miss is the smell of ink.

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