Thursday, 24 January 2008

WSJ - The End of the A-Hed

The Wall Street Journal, in its guided tour of the newspaper's layout, gives special mention to the A-Hed. This is the front-page feature, once found in the fourth column, now at the base of the third; a home for stories about cooking tips for roadkill or the disappearing holes in Swiss cheese; and the most prized slot in the business newspaper, giving "free rein to our reporters’ imagination." The Journal's writers had better save it for the weekend.
Robert Thomson (the publisher brought in from the UK by the newspaper's new owner, Rupert Murdoch) has flown in the paper's senior editors from its American and international bureaus to break some bad news. Saturday's weekend edition will get an additional two pages, for features, we're told. The implication: on busy news days, at the very least, the Journal will no longer run A-Hed features.
This isn't wholly surprising. The News Corporation boss has already indicated he wants to take on the New York Times in national news...

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