Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Something for Copy Editors at the International Herald Tribune

There is a hard core of copy editors at the International Herald Tribune who like their jobs, don't like change, and don't want to leave Paris. This has led to the Paris newsroom as being described as having the atmosphere of a morgue.

Perhaps they are all members of something called The American Copy Editors Society, where they can kick around all their job mobility stories. This one caught my eye...

My first job was at the hometown semi-weekly. They started me in the composing room, where I made up pages and yes, ads. Hated it. As promised, I was promoted to reporter after a couple of months. Had a great time, and learned a whole lot from another generation of journalists. Left there to do the I'm-young,-time-to-see-the-world thing. Left and bought a one-way ticket to Italy, which I'd visited and loved in college days. Learned the facts of life there: The International Herald Tribune and the Rome Daily American weren't hiring, and the wire services had dozens of folks in line for those jobs. It was part of the Common Market, so other jobs weren't available either. When I realized I had just enough money for a return ticket, came back ... but I'm still glad I did it. After a couple of other gigs, wound up at the paper where I'll soon note my 26th hiring anniversary (yes, got a really nice clock last year in honor of my 25 years of service).

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