Thursday, 24 January 2008

Just to be clear: Miklos is rich (and then some)

You may recall a recent blog about an International Herald Tribune reader who was stopping purchasing his daily copy of the IHT because of the price increase.

This may have given the impression that somewhere out there, there was, heaven forbid, a POOR IHT reader.

Just so we are all clear that ALL IHT readers are High Net Worth Individuals - as SDJ and his gang like to call them, or HNWI - here's a comment on that posting from Miklos, the aggrieved reader:

I can afford a subscription (and then some), so thanks for your appeal on my behalf. But it is a matter of principle for me: I happen to think newspapers should be available for all, hence my decision. I prefer to put the monies saved that way in charities.The same goes, incidentally, for the opera in Paris: its Bastille Opera house was built as a place for the people, but look at the cost of most tickets. It is only such places as the Theatre de la Ville that you can see good plays, see great choreographies and listen to interesting classical and world music at a very affordable price. This reflects in the composition of the variegated public which attends their performances: young and old, rarely if ever overdressed, from many social classes.

But it also proves my long held suspicion that readers of the IHT are not only LOADED (and then some) but cultured, liberal, socially aware, socially ecumenical, left of centre HNWI.

SDJ, there's a business plan in there somewhere to kick the tires on.

Whether they are deeply seized by SUPREME CATWALK LUXURY is another matter, but dammit, who cares?

Suzy is having fun, the girls in the photos look great and anyway, IHT readers could afford to buy the dresses IF THEY WANTED TO, so there!


Anaximandros said...

Just to be clear: Ian lacks an understanding of "second degré", and then some (he lacks readers, too). So much bitterness, so much loneliness. Heaven forbid.

Ian said...

Your search - "Miklos Anaximandros" - did not match any documents.